How to Effectively Manage your Field Staff in Coronavirus Crisis?

From FMCG to IT - all industry sectors are adjusting to an automated business model due to the pandemic of coronavirus. Coronavirus Covid19 has targeted the world's economy and making it difficult for the corporate organizations to run their sales operations as usual.

Field staff or Sales Force automation has been adapting in the market for very long now, but the coronavirus crisis has made it compulsory for business organizations to automate their field force operations. Today, the business organizations that want to ensure optimal business growth - have already using the Sales force monitoring software for their employees.

However, working remotely is a good way to prevent the spread of the virus, but the salesforce and managers who discuss face to face in the confined environment of the office - for them, planning and reporting from home is a hard thing.

How to Effectively Manage your Field Force?

If you don't want your employees to panic in this crisis and lose their focus, then you need to prepare them to adapt to the automation. It is the responsibility of both the employees and management to use the sales force monitoring software effectively to create an effective remote workflow. To maximize the sale, management has to work on following points -

  • Setting up clear organizational goals

  • Ensure the field staff punctuality

  • Establish seamless communication between management and employees

  • Keep a real-time eye on your salesforce

  • Analyze and use the strength of individual team member

Thus, under working remotely is a productivity concept, Employers have to use technology tools designed by brands like SFM to manage your Salesforce effectively.

Tips for Use Salesforce Software Effectively with the Technology Studded features


If you want to overpower the extinct crisis of coronavirus and keep you in competition in this dooming economy, then you need to set up a Salesforce Monitoring software in your organization it will help you to run your sales operations effectively using the strength of your field workers. By using the advanced Salesforce software features, you can easily streamline your salesforce operations effectively. How? Let's check out -

Timely Attendance

Unlike offices where employees have to punch-in on the fixed time and punch-out accordingly in case of remote employees you can't record their attendance details easily.
But if you installed Salesforce monitoring application in all of your team member's smartphones, then they can mark their attendance with it. You will get to know their punch-in/punch-out time with the location. This way you will get to know when a particular employee started working with total working hours.

Automated Reports

When your field staff and managers working together at the same location, they can easily make and submit the reports to the management. But, that's not possible when your managers are working from home and field staff scattered. This will occur a delay in planning the next day's operations and schedule.
But, when you are using the SFM software, then the different automated reports like a task, attendance, leave, expenses, and route deviation can be downloaded on a daily or weekly basis. Management and employer can get direct information related to each sales employee and plan future operations.

Seamless Communication

It is impossible to pass the same information at a time to all your field staff or assist them individually. But SFM software has a real-time chat feature by which you can group the employees and pass the necessary information at the same time.

Close Performance Monitoring

The performance analysis of each employee is one of the most important parts of business management. During this Covid19, it is not an easy task to analyze the performance of individual team members. How will you check whether field staff has completed their daily targets/visits or not?
All employee performance factors can directly be tracked by the salesforce monitoring software. You can check their client visit details, timing, the route they have taken, and automated reports, which will further help you conclude.

Leave Management

The employees might feel sick or have to take a break from their work due to some family emergency. Managing the leave requests employee monitoring software helps well. Your employees can send the leave request through their employee application and managers can approve or reject.

Real-time location Tracking

In offices, as you can keep an eye on your staff by CCTV cameras, in the same way, employee monitoring software has a feature to real-time location tracking of your field employees.

If you want to set up a Sales force monitoring software in your organization to streamline your sales operations and effectively run your business, then you can contact the SFM team instantly and get a demo of the SalesForce Monitoring Software today!