Evolution of Sales Force Technology Due To Covid19

The whole world is fighting against the Coronavirus epidemic, most of the countries running under lockdown. Sales saw a sharp decline in the last month on account of the nationwide lockdown due to the outbreak of Covid-19. Each industry, whether small or large has been affected due to the Coronavirus crisis.

But each crisis gives the new learning to the world and push humans to discover new technologies to overcome it. E-commerce business, home delivery, online work, limited resources, employee safety, and Advanced Software are some factors that can be observed in businesses during Covid19.

Salesforce or field staff is one of the main pillars of your business. Though the way of working is changed still, each field employee is important to increase the business revenue. From a delivery boy to a marketing person, each one affects the business either directly or indirectly.

Home delivery, remote work, limited resources that are something which increased the demand for Real-time Field staff tracking software or Applications. These applications are not only limited to employee tracking - Attendance management, Task management, client management, and live chat are some add-on features that also required for managing Salesforce effectively.

Due to Covid19, industries have a huge demand for all the above features along with real-time Salesforce tracking. These all features will help the businesses to maximize the ROI during the crisis in the following ways:


  • Real-time tracking will ensure the timely delivery and client visit as per schedule.

  • Field staff can punch-in/punch-out from anywhere that brings punctuality.

  • Monitoring the live location, help you to stop your employees from visiting Red Zone areas.

  • Live chat between employees and management can highly improve the business efficiency level.

  • An employer can track each employee by sitting anywhere whether from office or home.

  • All the reports are available online so employees do not need to visit office until urgent.

  • Client information will help further to approach them later by online marketing.

  • Individual employee performance can be monitored that will help to figure out their efficiency and improvement areas.

Thus an Employee Tracking application is very important during this coronavirus crisis to streamline your Salesforce operations and to ensure uninterrupted business growth.