SFM Terms of service

This document is an electronic record in terms of the Information Technology Act, 2000 and rules thereunder as applicable and various other relevant statutes. This electronic record is generated by a computer system and does not require any physical or digital signatures.

This is a legal and binding agreement between you, the user (“User”, "Client", "Customer" or “You”) of the Services, as defined below, and Secninjaz Technologies LLP, stating the terms that govern your use of the Site or the Platform, as defined below. By accepting these terms of use in any manner or accessing this website, you consent, agree and undertake to abide, be bound by and adhere to the terms of use and the Privacy Policy accessible at https://www.sfmapp.in/terms and https://www.sfmapp.in/privacy respectively, and any other terms which govern the Site (together referred to as “Terms of Use” or “Terms” or “Terms and Conditions”) and if you do not agree to these terms of use, you are not entitled to avail of / use the services and any use thereafter shall be unauthorized.

Acceptance of the Terms

SFM does not support child labor and therefore user must be of legal age which is 18 years to enter into binding agreement. Please do not use the service if you are not in agreement with the Terms and Privacy Policy. Clicking on the check box at the end of page in Agreement document will be indicative of fact that you are in agreement with the terms.

Description of Service

A number of mobile and web application services are incorporated together under the name of SFM- Sales Force Monitoring (Referred to as Service/Services here on) for management of tasks, customers, attendance and expense. Clients are welcome to use this application for their organization or internal business purpose. Secninjaz will only be responsible for providing the application. Clients will be responsible for equipment required to host the application and network connection to connect with the service.

Modification of Terms of Service

Secninjaz reserves the right to update their Terms from time to time. If in case changes made affect you, additional notice will be provided by Email or Services. If customer is not in agreement with the updated Terms, they will be asked to deactivate their service account. In such a scenario, unused fees for the service will be reimbursed. If user does not respond to the notice provided and continues to use our service after 15 days of deliverance of notice, it will be assumed that they are in agreement of updated Terms and hence adhere to it.

User Sign up Obligations

All customers be it organizations or individual looking to use service for corporate use, are required to sign up to receive user accounts by providing basic details such as name and contact information. Signing up from corporate accounts is recommended for all users.

In addition, users are required to:

  1. Provide latest, true and complete information.
    Please Note if Secninjaz have ground to believe that information provided by user is false, they reserve the right to withdraw service and ban the said user to use other services provided by Secninjaz.
  2. Promptly update information to keep it true.
Organization Accounts and Administrators

When user signs up to use Services for an organization, they will be required to set up Administration accounts and configure the services as per their needs and manage the organization’s user accounts. The said organization may hire third party services to do this job with proper contract mentioning all restrictions, confidentiality terms and making it adhere to our Terms and Privacy policy.
Please Note that in any case, Secninjaz will not be responsible for account administration and internal management

Solely customer will be responsible for administrative account and it’s security. If account recovery is required, an email should be sent to support@sfmapp.in, with documented proof clearly stating authorization to act on behalf of said organization.

Personal Information, Privacy & Data Ownership

If user chooses to use our service, it would directly indicate their acceptance to Secninjaz Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Communications from Secninjaz

Using SFM’s services will include communications from Secninjaz informing users about any upgrades, changes made to the service in form of Email or notifications. Some other information might also be communicated such as new services or newsletter. User can opt out of receiving information about additional announcements excluding the ones related to the Service.


In an event Secninjaz receives a complaint against user activity, they will be informed about it through the registered mail. User will have 15 days from the day of sending Email to resolve the issue keeping Secninjaz in loop. Failing to do so in the alloted time will automatically permit Secninjaz to disclose user’s identity which includes name and contact information to the complainer for proceeding with a legal action.

Restrictions on Use

Users are not permitted to do the following:

  1. Creation of false or fake identity to mislead an organization or person.
  2. Using the service in any way that would be violation of any law (national or international)
  3. Using the service in any way that might cause damage to Secninjaz
  4. Providing/ transferring any service to third party without authorization from Secninjaz.
Spamming and Illegal Activities

Secninjaz reserve the right to terminate user access to their account and services if they have ground to believe that the said service was used for any unauthorized activity. The unauthorized activity includes(but is not limited to) spreading virus, sending spam mails, transmission of unlawful material, harassment.
Please Note that users will be solely responsible transmission of any content through services provide by Secninjaz.

Inactive User Accounts Policy

Secninjaz can terminate an account, if the said account is unpaid and unused for over 30 days. Termination of account will entail deletion of data associated with the said account. In such an event a notice will be provided to user on the registered mail 15 days prior to the account termination enabling users to backup their data.


Secninjaz, Secninjaz logo, SFM and the SFM logo are trademarks of Secninjaz. Users are not allowed to use or display any of the said trademarks unless permitted by Secninjaz.

Disclaimer of Warranties

Secninjaz tries it’s best to deliver a high quality product and give full customer satisfaction.
Please Note that any issue faced by customer which is due to network connectivity including (but not limited to) Data Transmission and quality is not a fault of Secninjaz and therefore cannot be held accountable for loss of connectivity , defect or failure. In such a case, please reach out to your service provider for resolution. No claims can be made to Secninjaz or their third party service.

Limitation of Liability

One training session regarding use of services will be provide to customer by Secninjaz team as soon as payment for service is processed and before user is given access to services. Thereafter Secninjaz in any event will not be liable for loss or damage of information, profits, interruption caused due to user’s inability to use service. Secninjaz's entire liability to user in any respect, be it direct or indirect will not exceed the amount paid by user for said service.


User agrees to Indemnify Employees, Directors or any party working for Secninjaz and hold them unaccountable for any losses incurred by the said user for any claims related to service, violation of laws or Terms unless authorized by Secninjaz.


The Terms of this agreement is valid till the ‘time of service’ specified in the invoice. These services can be extended by the user if required. One week notice period will be required to renew the service. User will be sent an Email stating updated terms of service and payment details. If user accepts the Terms and service charge, a new invoice will be generated after payment is processed, stating the renewed ‘time of service’.

Proprietary Rights

The content in the application including (but not limited to) Images, graphics, texts, configuration, advertisements along with any and all information is an intellectual property protected by copyrights and patents. The user is authorized by Secninjaz to use material and information. User is prohibited to copy or distribute said content unless explicitly authorized.

Force Majeure

Degradation in performance or delays in services caused during the terms of agreement due to natural disasters, epidemic, strikes etc cannot be issued as a reason for claiming damages against Secninjaz.

Arbitration Of Disputes

In case of any disputes or difference in opinion based on the service or this agreement, sole arbitration will be Managing Director of Secninjaz, New Delhi.


Secninjaz is at a liberty to modify this Agreement at any given time. User will be informed of said changes through Emails and/or notifications. User may choose to either accept the modifications made to the agreement and continue to use the services or Terminate the use of services altogether. Non termination of service will be perceived as acceptance to the agreement modification.


This agreement is to be governed by the laws of India within the jurisdiction of the city New Delhi. The relationship between Secninjaz and the Customer shall be governed under same jurisdiction. Any rights or provision that were not enforced on the basis this agreement will not be waivered. If any provision of this Agreement is found by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, the parties nevertheless agree that the court should endeavor to give effect to the partie's intentions as reflected in the provision and rule that the other provisions of this Agreement remain in full force and effect.

Suspension and Termination

User account may be suspended temporarily in case of any illegal activity being detected or if requested by law enforcement. Suspension may also be caused by possible issue with bill payments or if requested by the customer. Users will be notified about the said suspension in details. For any objections or further inquiry, please feel free to reach out to us at support@sfmapp.in

Please Note that SFM reserves the right to deny Services or terminate user account if any, at any point of time in case user violates the Terms and Condition set by the Company. If a breach is detected by user from the company’s end, they reserve the right to terminate their account and be entitled to any prepaid fees.
Upon termination of user account, access to all services will be denied and user data such as email, password will be deleted

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Agreement, please contact us at support@sfmapp.in